I’m a nurse

I was recently working at a facility where I questioned why I became a nurse. I’d always wanted to be nurse since I was in middle school. I was finally, at the age of 34, given the opportunity to finally fulfill this dream. I was so excited. I recently gave my notice at this facility,…… Continue reading I’m a nurse


Sometimes I sit and ponder what this word means to me. I feel I used to have a slight tendency to control situations, and sometimes just life in general. Through the years I have gotten better at this. I have gotten better at giving it over to God. Trying to let God control the situation…… Continue reading Control

Over it

Being a nurse is not exactly how I had pictured it. This is who I’ve wanted to be since I was in middle school. I finally got to make my Dream a reality in my mid 30s. Seeing as how I went for my License in Practical nursing (LPN), my options are limited as to…… Continue reading Over it